About us

Lofotprodukt AS is a Norwegian seafood manufacturer, established in 1994 in Lofoten, Northern Norway. Its location, right in the middle of the Gulf Stream, means immediate access to fresh fish, raised in the cold, clear waters surrounding these beautiful islands. Lofoten´s distinctive landscape of steep mountains and sharp peaks is home to the world’s largest and most traditional cod fishery. These islands boast a long fishery tradition, providing high quality seafood products world-wide.

Our philosophy is to provide the best quality, convenient seafood products available. We believe that combining premium raw materials, traditional recipes and the best craftsmanship is the only way to create a unique food experience.

Lofoten offers a wide range of high quality seafood products in the following categories:

– minced seafood products (such as fish burgers),

– smoked and marinated salmon and trout,

– complementary seafood products (such as sauces).

The company has experienced incredible growth over the past decade. From being a local manufacturer with a turnover of close to NOK 35 million in 2001, our products are currently available in stores across the country, and in 2012 we reached a turnover of NOK 274 million. We are currently 140 experienced and dedicated employees.

Active commitment to quality, design, product development and our own sales force actively promoting and sampling our products have been key elements to our growth. Our goal is to be in the front in the seafood category, and we want to offer consumers product concepts and packaging solutions adapted to changing needs.

In 2003, we conducted a comprehensive design program where the trademark «Lofoten Delikatesser» was changed to «Lofoten». The aim was to communicate the positive values associated with fish and the Lofoten area, and to clarify the quality and scope of our product range. In 2009 Lofotprodukt received the prestigious award Design Effect Grand Prix as a result of this work. Lofotprodukt has also won a number of other national awards, such as “The Seafood Company of the Year” (2009), the gold medal in the “Norwegian seafood championship” on 10 occasions  and “The Food and Beverage Manufacturer of the Year” (2013).